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Super Shark Swim School is a family-owned business providing swimming lessons, coaching and water safety awareness on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

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Meet the Team

Illse – Administration Guru

Illse is a multitasker of note. She is responsible for accounts, bookings, marketing, and communications. Feel free to contact Illse with any questions you may have.

Ethan – Avid Supporter

A burst of youthful energy and enthusiasm, our son Ethan is our biggest supporter and inspiration, in and out of the pool.

Edward – Swim Coach

Edward has been coaching and teaching children, Adults and Law enforcing officers since 1998.

As a coach, Edward’s primary duties include instructing swimmers on water confidence, helping improve swimming technique and developing areas of swim advancement.

However, whether coaching toddlers on basic swimming instruction or training adults, Edward’s first matter of importance is the responsibility of swimmers’ safety. 

Illse and Edward Holden Smith
Ethan Holden Smith
Coach Machaela Mes

Machaela Mes – Swim Coach

Machaela is a certified Babies & Level 1 coach with a passion for swimming and coaching. Her patience and enthusiasm with children and beginners allow them to feel comfortable in the water and provides a positive learn-to-swim experience.


  • First aid training with Red Cross
  • Swim dynamics instructor – Babies
  • Swim dynamics instructor – Level 1
  • Insurance with LSG insurance services

This is how we do it

Super Shark Swim School employs a unique way of coaching, being in the water with the student at all times, depending on the student’s level of competency.

We adhere to an effective results orientated program that is not demanding on the students.

We do an unofficial evaluation during each lesson, and an official evaluation once a year when we hand certificates out to each of our students according to their competency level.

Edward in the pool with Ethan

Ed is a great teacher and coach. You can never go wrong with him as your coach.

Madelein Fourie – 12 Oct 2018

The way we coach

We give clear instructions in a fun-filled environment. Our students (children) learn through games and individual challenges according to their abilities.

We follow an age-specific program, keeping same-age students together. We also have smaller intimate groups.

Our Lessons & Programs

Shark Pups

Rudimentary Pre-control Stage

Aimed at children aged 17 to 23 months, this program’s lessons serve to introduce the student to the pool.

We help the student to anticipate the movement and exercises (sensory development) to assist them with participation in the water activities.

This is part of the foundation phase in child development. The aim is to help the student enjoy water activities.

We do not endorse any forceful swimming or “drown proofing” exercises for our students.

Edward in the pool with a Shark Pup student
Edward in the pool with two student using kick boards

Learn to Swim

Fundamental Movement Stage

This stage is directed at children between the ages 2 to 7 years.

This is an essential, deep-seated phase in a child’s development. It is during this stage that a child must learn how to perform a movement in order to be a natural action.

  • Introduction to safety in the water
  • Basic mobility in water
  • Introduction to crawl and backstroke

Specialized Movement Stage

Once the student has successfully completed stages 1 and 2 of the swim program, we can start with stroke training.

Stroke training comprises of:

  • Crawl and Backstroke.
  • Introduction to Breaststroke and Butterfly.
  • Advancement of Breaststroke and Butterfly
  • Correct starts, turns and finishes of the four swim disciplines.
  • Specializing level – Competition ready

Along with stroke development, the students will be trained in fitness according to age.


Edward coaching a student in the Anerley tidal pool
Edward coaching adult students on the beach

Adults learn to swim

Learn to swim as an adult with Super Shark Swim School.

We focus on:

  • Safety in and around the water.
  • Helping you overcome your fear of water.
  • Teaching you the basic swimming skills.

Low impact Hydro Exercises

Therapeutic not Therapy

Although the Super Shark Coach is not a therapist, the swimming lessons are therapeutic.

The indoor pool is small and intimate with a constant water temperature of 30°C throughout the year.

We have experience with a wide spectrum of students including autism, down-syndrome, ADHD, mainstream school (pre-primary, primary & high school) adults and security forces.

Young man swimming a pool
Ocean Awareness Program logo

Ocean Awareness Program (OAP)

A fun-filled program for children where we focus on:

  • Learning about the ocean.
  • First aid and learning how to help others.
  • What a rip current is and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Snorkeling.
  • Beach sports like volleyball, touch rugby and much, much more.

This program is age related and we try to keep it between ages 9 to 12. Of course, fitness and the ability to swim well is very important and for this reason participants swim a lot in this program.

Coaching Workshop

Start a rewarding career as a swim coach or enhance your current skills set with the Super Shark Coaching Workshop.

The workshop focuses on:

  • Understanding ages and their swim stages.
  • Designing your swim lessons.
  • Combining methodology in your training.
  • Identifying and fixing mistakes.
  • Isolation exercises.
Edward in the pool with a student

Special Needs Children

We have 8 years’ experience working with special needs students.

Although we are not therapists, the water is therapeutic and the classes offer a structure that proved very beneficial for children with special needs.

Elisabeth swimming

Ed taught my kids for 2 years when we were in Pretoria. My one daughter is 13 now but with a mental age of 6 due to an epilepsy syndrome. We have relocated to Somerset West in the Western Cape.

The impact? We are able as a family to boogie board the waves. We swim in the sea, take out seafood, snorkel. Ed is in the water with the kids when he teaches, unlike previous coaches who hollered at the kids clothed from the side. He knows his stuff. 🌺

Antoinette Oosthuizen – 27 Jan 2019

Safety First

We teach safety in and around the pool.

We teach our students what to do should they fall into a pool and how to get out the water without help.

Students learn to swim independently with and without floatation devices.

Giving Back to the Community

We believe in giving back to the community. Due to the drowning statistics in South Africa, we sponsor children whose parents cannot afford lessons. These children join our interactive classes and finish our “learn to swim” program with the introduction of crawl and backstroke.

Partnering in Education

Swimming with Super Shark is an educational experience! Not just a sports activity.

We do teach children how to swim using somatic and methodical features, but there is so much more which the coach offers the student.

Super Shark Swim School logo

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